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Sir Alexis Thaner is, by introduction, a Templar of the Order of the Broken Sword, a Knight sworn to the Vereint Empire and of a noble family of Westerreich. It of little secret that she has spent recent years with the Templars in southern Ashamsi, an expedition which seems to have ended badly, and gone east to Hochlant rather than returned to the Heartlands. Her time with the Vigil is often spent training or reading in the Library, but she has a tendency to come and go as it suits her own business without much notice to others.

The Templars of the Broken Sword are a two-centuries old order founded by followers of the now-Saint Taegert, a knight storied to have protected the faithful of the Church of the Holy Truth from persecution in Ashamsi with his blessed sword, broken and lost in his final battle. Since then, the Templars established holdings in ports between Vereint and Ashamsi, and acted as protectors to pilgrims and virtuous merchants seeking to conduct business in the south. In recent years, the Templars were reportedly involved in some turmoil in southern Ashamsi, leading to the loss of all their holdings on that continent, and have nearly collapsed in Imperial territory with much of their property stolen, confiscated, or sold to cover debts. The Order still formally exists, but has been so weakened by death and debt as to have lost its centralisation and original purpose.


It is plain enough that Sir Alexis is a knight fallen on hard times. Her battered armour is well-made but would benefit from expensive maintenance, her rings and icons valuable but at odds with the patches in her high quality, well-worn clothes. She still speaks with the accent of an educated noblewoman of the Vereint Empire.

Character Stats[edit]

Race: Human (+2 Spirit)

Archetype: Warrior

Linears Played: 2

Exp: 5

Exp spent/earned total: 20/25

  • 2019/2020
    • Social: 1 XP
    • Term 1 Linear 1: Monstered, 2 XP
    • Term 1 Linear 2: Played, 6 XP
    • Term 1 Linear 3: Monstered, 2 XP
    • Term 1: Updated Character Sheet, 5 XP
    • Term 2 Linear 1: Played, 3 XP
    • Term 2 Linear 2: Monstered, 1 XP
    • Term 2 Linear 3: Played, 5 XP

Money: 8s

Money spent/earned total: 18s/26s


Resistance: 1

Spirit: 2. Grace Period: 50. Spellpower: 3.

Physique: 5. Hits per location: 8.

Gnosis: 0

Physique Abilities

  • Strength: 2

Weapon Mastery:

  • (Primary) Spear: 1
  • Longsword: 1


  • (Primary) Heavy Armour: 2


  • Traveller: 2 (Ashamsi, Imperial Heartland)
  • Loremaster: 1 (Monsters)


  • Polearm. Tier 1.
  • Heavy Armour. Tier 1.
  • Longsword. Tier 1.
  • Dagger. Tier 1.