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The stars that cover the night sky are vital for navigation over the ocean and other long, unmapped distances. The Empire and Ashamsi both having extensive written records of the constellations and other astrological markers.

Many cultures also hold the celestial bodies in mystical significance, drawing connections between them and the fates of mortals. This is most commonly manifested in fortune telling or predestination of personality traits: using the position of the stars and planets, particularly at the time of one’s birth, to divine what the future holds. Among gnostics who practice Night magic, it is known that a connection to the fixed stars is vital for gnostic casting, with those who have this connection severed unable to bring their power to bear magically.

The night sky of the northern hemisphere is divided into the 12 constellations of the zodiac, which come into significance in turn over the course of a year. There are other constellations too, the most significant of which is the Eisbär, as it contains the star Leitstern. This is the marker of true North, universally used for navigation.

The eye of Réaltaí sits beyond the stars of the constellations but dominates the night sky, especially during the longest night of the winter solstice, when it sits at its zenith.

[The Northern Hemisphere Night Sky]

The Planets[edit]

The wandering stars, the planets are elementals travelling in great arcs across the night sky. Many are Night elementals, though some are Primordials in their own right, and one is considered a Sun elemental. The Imperial knowledge of these entities mostly originates from Phylennos, though it is believed that Ashamsi leads the world in the field of astronomy.

They are given in order of of fastest to slowest in terms of orbit of Talamh, each with their old Phylennic name, astrological associations, associated Liberal Art, and their appearance in the sky (with out-of-character comparisons)

Planet 1: Lunan[edit]

  • Old Phylennic Name: Kathrephtis
  • Associations: Rhythms, cycles, memories, subconscious action, reaction, and transition.
  • Liberal Art: Astronomy
  • Appearance: The Moon

Planet 2: Machatt[edit]

  • Old Phylennic name: Mahrat
  • Associations: Communication, fortune, reasoning, law, and the androgynous aspect.
  • Liberal Art: Logic
  • Appearance: Appears small and near the sun. Identical to IRL mercury.

Planet 3: Cerrathus[edit]

  • Old Phylennic name: Keratos
  • Associations: Aggression, ambition, romance, hierarchy, tradition, duty, and the masculine aspect
  • Liberal Art: Grammar
  • Appearance: Appears as morningstar/evenstar akin to venus, but in a vivid red instead. Is believed to be a solar dragon.

Planet 4: Solas[edit]

  • Old Phylennic Name: Ílion
  • Associations: Life, the self, the soul: the core of one’s being.
  • Liberal Art: Music
  • Appearance: As the sun

Planet 5: Asamenie[edit]

  • Old Phylennic Name: Asiménia
  • Associations: Control, hubris, destiny, legacy, consequence.
  • Liberal Art: Arithmetic
  • Appearance: Appears as a silvery-blue. Is a Night Dragon.

Planet 6: Astrape[edit]

  • Old Phylennic Name: Astrapí
  • Associations: Leadership, freedom, exploration, virtue, dedication
  • Liberal Art: Rhetoric
  • Appearance: A yellow-orange gas giant. Basically Jupiter

Planet 7: Cheinigis[edit]

  • Old Phylennic name: Kynígis
  • Associations: Beauty, affection, co-operation, sexuality, impulsiveness, and the feminine aspect.
  • Liberal Art: Geometry
  • Appearance: A bright green gas giant


The lore of Réaltaí hold that the workings of the world can be divined from the stars that mark her distant body. The positions of the planets at the time of one's birth, for example, is known to have a deep impact on one's destiny. This is marked out by the constellations of the Zodiac.

The Zodiac[edit]

The constellations defining the seasons of the year. Each are named in Imperial, and are given with their Hochlian name, out-of-character equivalent, its aspect, and associations. The aspects are divided into which terrestrial Primordial they reflect, and which concept sphere they are tied to (Guiding refers to a link to Fate, Enchanting to Illusion).

Der Herr[edit]

  • The Lord
  • Equivalent: Capricorn
  • Warding Storm sign
  • Associations: Leadership

Die Aschen[edit]

  • The Cinders
  • Equivalent: Aquarius
  • Guiding Earth sign
  • Associations: Inevitability

Die Lorelei[edit]

  • The Siren
  • Equivalent: Pisces
  • Enchanting Ocean sign
  • Associations: Guile

Die Sintflut[edit]

  • The Deluge
  • Equivalent: Aries
  • Empowered Storm
  • Associations: Overwhelming Force

Der Drachen[edit]

  • The Wyrm
  • Equivalent: Taurus
  • Warding Earth Sign
  • Associations: Hoarding

Der Schlange[edit]

  • The Serpent
  • Equivalent: Gemini
  • Guiding Ocean sign
  • Associations: Legendry

Der Messenger[edit]

  • The Messenger
  • Equivalent: Cancer
  • Enchanting Storm sign
  • Associations: Peace

Der Wolf[edit]

  • The Wolf
  • Equivalent: Leo
  • Empowered Earth sign
  • Associations: Territory

Der Verschlinger[edit]

  • The Devourer
  • Equivalent: Virgo
  • Warding Ocean sign
  • Associations: Hunger

Der Vorbote[edit]

  • The Harbinger
  • Equivalent: Libra
  • Guiding Storm sign
  • Associations: Change

Der Paria[edit]

  • The Pariah
  • Equivalent: Scorpio
  • Enchanting Earth sign
  • Associations: Survival

Der Wegfinder[edit]

  • The Wayfinder
  • Equivalent: Sagittarius
  • Empowered Ocean sign
  • Associations: Navigation