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Here we encourage players to give a description of what any other character, as a member of the Ardent Vigil, would be expected to know about their character. Any other character could reasonably know what is in this section of the character page, so this isn't the place for character secrets. Perhaps they are enigmatic, only appearing for missions and little else. Perhaps they have a soapbox they are ready to jump on at the first opportunity. In all likelihood they make sure any item making business they are in is known to the rest of the Vigil.



Prices, upgrades available, even a description of their workspace or shop if they have one. Or link to a shop page.

Character Stats[edit]

This template is set up to make the Wise's stats easiest to input, with example stats given. But tweak the formatting to best keep track of your stats. Other characters could reasonably gather the broad gist such as 'good with Destruction' and seeing what items they commonly have on them, rather than actual specifics.

Race: Human (+2 Spirit)

Archetype: Wise

Linears Played:


Exp spent/earned total:


Money spent/earned total:

(Playing a linear grants 5 exp and 3 shillings. Monstering a linear grants 1 exp.)


Resistance: 0

Spirit: 2. Grace Period: 50 Seconds. Spellpower: 3.

Physique: 0. Hits per location: 3.

Gnosis: 2

Gnosis Abilities

  • Destruction: 2
  • Source (Occult): 0
  • Spell Sphere Mastery (Storm): 1
  • Spell Sphere Mastery (Illusion): 1


  • Artificer: 1
  • Influence: 2 (Silver Tongue, Read the Room)
  • Investigation: 1
  • Loremaster: 1 (Elementals)


  • Cudgel. Tier 1.
  • Buckler. Tier 1.
  • Destruction Focus. Tier 1.
  • Occult Focus: Storm. Tier 1.
  • Occult Focus: Illusion. Tier 1.