Gerhardt Schildheld

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An aged veteran of the Imperial campaign to reclaim territory in Snjorland, Gerhardt Schildheld is a retired member of the Empire's elite Guardian unit, soldiers trained both as bodyguards and defensive phalanxes, sworn to defend their charges at all costs.


A tall, broad man, clearly past the prime of his life, Gerhardt is usually heard coming before he is seen. His manner of dress implies a moderate income, and he speaks with a strong accent, indicating his origins in the Heartlands. When not working at his small blacksmith shop, Gerhardt can usually be found either attending church services, particularly those in service of Lanzarius, or at a table in The Wolf's Head, tankard in is hand, trading stories with other patrons.


Down a small alley in Brandkirk's trade district lies a small blacksmith with an open air forge, with small living quarters above it. Here, Gerhardt can be found practicing the art of blacksmithing, forging everything from weapons and armour, to nails and horseshoes. Clearly more of a hobbyist than a dedicated tradesman, Gerhardt's creations lack finesse, but are perfectly functional.

OC: Gerhardt is a Level 1 Blacksmith. Talk to him for prices

Character Stats[edit]

Race: Human (+2 Spirit)

Archetype: Warrior

Linears Played: 2


Exp earned : 20

Exp spent: 20


Starting money: 20s

Money earned: 6s

Money spent: 14s

Money available: 12s


Resistance: 3

Spirit: 2

Grace Period: 50 Seconds

Spellpower: 2

Physique: 2

Hits per location: 5

Gnosis: 0

Physique Abilities

  • Strength: 3

Weapon Mastery:

  • (Primary) Shield: 3
  • Mace: 2
  • Hand to Hand: 1


  • (Primary) Heavy Armour: 2


  • Blacksmith: 1
  • Traveller: 1 (The Imperial Heartlands)


  • Mace, Tier 1
  • Greatshield, Tier 1
  • Heavy Armour, Tier 1