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Johannes (or is it Johanna?) is a relatively new member of the Ardent Vigil from the small village of Brookhaven. She (or is it he?) has very little experience of anything outside of the small village that he (or is it she?) grew up in. The size of the Vigil's keep is a source of some astonishment to them.

The confusion over their name and sex has yet to be properly discussed, but people will hear them refer to themselves by two different names and as being male and female at different times.

Character Stats[edit]

Race: Tidal Worldsoul (it's just another word for Ocean Worldsoul) (Free access to rank one Ocean magic)

Archetype: Specialist

Linears Played:

  • Sabotaged a Fey trial. Also present: Aldrych, Dr von Leere, Riley Lawson, Scurra and Varia Blakesby.
  • Hunted down a magic deer. Also present: Ser Alexis, Laila Erin, Nita van Doren, Scurra, Tobias Rayke and Varia Blakesby.

Exp: 16XP

Exp spent/earned total:

  • 16/11/19: Previous character died, 6XP carried over. Spent 3XP on Wilderness Ken 4. Spent 3XP on Stealth 2.
  • 30/11/19: 1XP gained for monstering.
  • 14/12/19: Gained 6XP for sabotaging a Fey trial.
  • 31/12/19: Spent 7xp on Gnosis 1.
  • 07/01/19: Gained 5XP for keeping this page updated. Spent 5XP on Physique 2.
  • 01/02/20: Gained 3XP for hunting a deer. Spent 3XP on Wilderness Ken 5.

Money: 8 Shillings 5 pence.

Money spent/earned total:

  • 17/11/19: Gained 20 Shillings in character creation, spent 17 Shillings 5 Pence.
  • 30/11/19: Gained 3 Shillings.
  • 01/02/20: Gained 3 Shillings.


  • Resistance: 1
  • Spirit: 1. Grace Period: 40 Seconds. Spellpower: 3.
  • Physique: 2. Hits per location: 5.

Physique Abilities

  • Strength: 1. 1 Strength Feat per Refresh.

Weapon Mastery:

  • Spear: 1. Proficiency.


  • Light Armour: 1. Proficiency.

Gnosis Abilities

  • Gnosis 1. 5 Prima, 1 Refresh.


  • Loremaster 1. Fey.
  • Medic 2. Diagnose, Staunch Bleeding, Stabilise, Medicinal Application.
  • Stealth 2. May move at half speed.
  • Wilderness Ken 5. Danger Sense, Naturalist, Trapping, Herbalism, Survivalist.
  • Alchemist (Life) 1.


  • Light Armour. Tier 1.
  • Spear. Tier 1.
  • 2 Potions of Gentle Repose (Heal 1 per, drowsiness).
  • 5 Herbs of Bitter Regret (Cure Poison, vomiting).