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Scholar and assistant to the Vigil's elderly librarian, Laila is generally considered to be a "Strange Child" and almost seems to revel in the fact she poses something of an enigma to the locals. She can be most easily found in the library rearranging shelves, cataloguing its contents or simply reading. If you ever find yourself awake in the dead of night and the sky is clear you might notice a dark figure heading out of town, or sat atop the Vigil roof.


There is something unearthly about Laila, more than simply her elven heritage. The mark of the night decorates her skin, often settling in a different location each day, like the ever turning stars overhead. She is not quite as lithe as one might expect from an elf in Hochland and is somewhat stronger than your average scholar, probably due to the shear number of books she seems to be carrying about the library at anyone time. Laila is typically garbed in a practical length dress of dark navy or black and her hair is cut short, perhaps to add to her obscurely etherial nature or simply to keep it out of the way.


When not busy with the library or charting the motions of the heavens, Laila is likely working on the crafting of foci and other magically imbued items. As it has become apparent to her that people want such things she is now willing to make foci for anyone who approaches her about them. If you ask the Librarian he will direct you to Laila's Workshop, just above the library.

Character Stats[edit]

Race: Half-elf Worldsoul (+1 Spell Mastery)

Archetype: Wise

Linears Played: 5 (+1 Social)

Exp: 45

Exp spent: 43

Money Earned: 34shillings 0pence

Money Spent: 26shillings 5pence

(Playing a linear grants 5 exp and 3 shillings. Monstering a linear grants 1 exp.)


Resistance: 0

Spirit: 2. Grace Period: 50 Seconds. Spellpower: 3.

Physique: 0. Hits per location: 3.

Gnosis: 2. 15 Prima regen 1 per 3 encounters

Gnosis Abilities

  • Destruction: 1, Haste: 1 (from rank); 10*primaCost seconds casting
  • Source (Occult): 3, Haste: 3 (from spirit); 3*primaCost seconds casting
  • Spell Sphere Mastery (Night): 4, Haste 3 (from focus); 3*primaCost seconds casting


  • Artificer: 5
  • Loremaster: 4 (Undead, Fey, Elementals, Demons)
  • Traveller: 4 (Phylennos, Vereint Empire: Imperial Heartlands, Ashamsi, Snjórland)
  • Investigation: 1


  • Dagger. Tier 1.
  • Destruction Focus. Tier 3 (Resilience and Expelling Alignment). Durability remaining: 12.
  • Occult Focus: Night. Tier 3 (+2 Haste). Durability remaining: 12.
  • 7 Potions of Repose (from Claudia)