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Micah Schneider lives in Brandkirk with their father, Jonah. The pair maintain the Dissenter's Chapel, a place for free-thinkers of all religious persuasions to gather and worship without fear of persecution. Those who have enquired with Micah or Jonah may gather that Jonah was once a Bishop in the Imperial Heartland prior to the family's relocation to Hochlant. Religious gatherings at the Chapel are highly informal, with attendees sitting in a circle, meditating on a specific religious theme and speaking as the spirit moves them.

Micah is a somewhat eccentric character. Despite seeming to be male, they frequently wear feminine clothing and refer to themselves as 'they', something which is unusual in most places. However, Hochlant is full of strange people, especially in the Ardent Vigil. Micah is unlikely to talk about such matters unless directly questioned.

Character Stats[edit]

Race: Human (+1 Spirit)

Archetype: Unfettered

Linears Played:

  • Chased down dragon eggs and prevented the end of the world.

Exp: 13

Exp spent/earned total:

  • 18/05/19: Gained 1XP for monstering.
  • 01/06/19 – Gained 6XP for playing and preventing the end of the world. Spent 5XP for Gnosis 2. 2XP remaining.
  • 28/09/19 – Gained 1XP for playing a social. 3XP remaining.
  • 11/11/19 - Gained 5XP for creating this page. 8XP remaining.
  • 11/11/19 - Spent 5XP for Unarmed Defence 2. 3XP remaining.

Money: 3 Shillings.

Money spent/earned total:

  • 01/06/19 - Gained 3 shillings for preventing the end of the world.


  • Resistance: 1
  • Spirit: 2. Grace Period: 50 Seconds. Spellpower: 3.
  • Physique: 1. Hits per location: 4.
  • Gnosis: 2. Maximum Prima: 15. Prima per Refresh: 1.

Physique Abilities

  • Strength: 1. 1 Strength Feat per Refresh.

Weapon Mastery:

  • Longsword: 1. Learned Resist Disarm. 1 Feat per Refresh.
  • Shield: 1.


  • Unarmoured: 2. 2 Dodges per Encounter.

Gnosis Abilities

  • Destruction: 1. Proficient with Destruction Foci. Learned Aethyric Arrow.
  • Source (Occult): 1. Proficient with Occult Foci. Haste for Occult Spells is equal to Spirit (2). Learned Sight Beyond Sight and Scrutinise.
  • Spell Sphere Mastery (Life): 1. Learned Know The Body, An Eve's Convalescence and Sylvigan's Embrace.


  • Traveller 1: Imperial Heartland


  • Longsword. Tier 1.
  • Buckler. Tier 1.
  • Occult Focus. Tier 1.
  • Destruction Focus. Tier 1.