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Riley is a human male from Hochlant. Through his life he had sought to help others, and through his calling in The Church he came to understand that it is the example of the gods that leads us to better ourselves. Through the teachings of Cerressus, he preaches that co-operation and civilisation should do all they can to turn back the tides of chaos wherever they are found. He came to the vigil to shine the light of civilisation on the dark wilds of Hochlant.

He quite blatantly channels Sun and Empowerment, through the source of Faith.

 He DOES NOT have an issue with Night or Night mages. It's a perfectly respectable element with a place in the world and the pantheon. Light is a metaphor not a spell list. 


Riley is a blacksmith, using his capability with Sun magic to melt metal to honed edges, rather than hammering. He is always available to craft items for anyone who asks. Remember - by working together, we get better.

Blacksmith 3 Alchemy 1 (Empowerment, Sun)

Price List

Character Stats[edit]

Race: Human (+2 Spirit)

Archetype: Magus

Linears Played: 2

Exp: 2 remain of 30 earned

Money: 4p remain of 90p earned

STAT BAR[edit]

Spirit 5
(Spell Power 5)
(Death count 60)
Res 1
Physique 0
(3 hits per)
Gnosis 3
(15 Prima)
(3 regen)
Source (Faith) 1
(Faith haste 1)
Sphere (Empowerment) 1
(Empowerment haste 1)
Sphere (Sun) 2
(Sun haste 3 (3 sec))
Destruction 1
(Destruction haste 0)
Blacksmith 3
Investigation 3
Alchemy 1


  • Polearm lvl 1
  • Sun Focus lvl 4 (+3 Haste, Mana Vault)
  • Destruction Focus lvl 1
  • Empowerment Focus lvl 1 (+1 Haste)