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Jester and fool to Lord Lawrence Bael, a local Duke of some renown. Following a recent party the jester made a fatal error, a knife throwing trick gone wrong and a minor noble grievously wounded when they did not realise it was a trick and leapt onto the stage. To get back his honour and his home in the castle, Scurra has been tasked to go a veritable scrolls worth of hunting trophies and prizes for the Bael castle.


Race: Human (+2 Spirit)

Archetype: Warrior

Linears Played: 2

Exp spent/earned total: 22/24

Money: 5.3

Money spent/earned total:

(Playing a linear grants 5 exp and 3 shillings. Monstering a linear grants 1 exp.)


Resistance: 1

Spirit: 2. Grace Period: 50 Seconds. .

Physique: 0. Hits per location: 3.

Gnosis: 0

Physique Abilities

Strength: 1 Weapon Mastery:

(Primary) Thrown: 3 Shield: 2 Cudgel: 1

Unarmoured: 4


Influence: 2 (Contacts, Read the room) Knavery: 3 (Advanced Legerdemain, Advanced Escape Artist)

Items Thrown. Tier 2 (Improved weighting). Durability remaining: 12. Shield. Tier 2 (Improved weighting). Cudgel Tier 1