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Brother Stephan Reicher is a monk of the Order of the Righteous Mind, a religious sect devoted to Parenfalx on the East of Hochland.

Stephan was selected by the Abbot of his Order to make sure Parenfalx's faithful (and indirectly the Church) was represented in the eyes of the Ardent Vigil. Though loathe to leave the sanctuary of the monastery, his ability to fight and heal made him the obvious choice. Within the city he has found places of great knowledge and learning, though he suspects potential corruption growing within.

Around the Vigil Brother Stephan offers his skills as a medic and religious scholar, though the few that see him use them have noted his Arcane bolts have an unerring precision. Reichter has offered little explanation, simply stating "I was not always a monk."


Brother Stephan dresses in the robes of a monk of the Church of Divine Truth, often with a bag of assorted potions, a book on Parenfalx, ritual accompaniments and a sturdy flask. His wild hair usually pulled back, his facial hair is often unruly.

He is commonly found in the library or the pub. If not at these places he is probably on mission witht he Vigil or simply asleep.

Character Stats[edit]

Race: Human (+2 Spirit) Archetype: Magus

Linears Played: 2

Exp earned: 20

Exp spent/ total: 20

Money earned : 26s

Money spent total: 14s 0p

(Playing a linear grants 5 exp and 3 shillings. Monstering a linear grants 1 exp.)


Resistance: 1

Spirit: 3. Grace Period: 50 Seconds. Spellpower: 4

Physique: 0. Hits per location: 3.

Gnosis: 2

Gnosis Abilities

Destruction: 4

Source (Faith): 3

Spell Sphere Mastery (Mind): 1

Spell Sphere Mastery (Warding): 0


Chirurgy 2 (Assess hits/effects, Stablise, use potion/salve)

Loremaster: 2 (Primordials, Undead)


Destruction Focus Tier 2 (1Prima 10ft disarm), 12 linears remaining

Faith Focus: Mind Tier 1