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The Vereint empire marks time using the Gottfried calendar, adopted in 820 Anno Imperialis by Emperor Gottfried, as part of his dealings with the Societas of the Lunar Road which lead to their acceptance within Imperial lands.

The calender uses a 7 day week alongside 12 months of varying lengths (which is to say it is akin to the out-of-character Gregorian calendar). Year 0 is the year of the foundation of the empire following the ascension of King Lanzarius. The current year is 1020 AI.


The months of the year are given in order from beginning to end, matching the length of the corresponding out-of-character month. The Imperial names are given in brackets.

  • Machuary (Machuar)
  • Geisilry (Geißeln)
  • Cerruary (Seruar)
  • Ofning (Öffnung)
  • Asimien (Asimeny)
  • Kyne (Kynígis)
  • Avaly (Avales)
  • Ewarding (Ehrwürdig)
  • September (September)
  • October (Oktober)
  • November (November)
  • December (Dezember)


The countries of the empire have similar names for the day of the week. Sunday is the traditional day on which mass takes place in the churches of the Holy Truth

  • Monday (Luntag)
  • Eshreday, often pronounced Eshday (Eshratag)
  • Falday (Faltag)
  • Fulgosday (Fulgostag)
  • Cerreday (Cerratag)
  • Sylday (Sylvitag)
  • Sunday (Sonntag)