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Aldrych Salter, Magus of the Bright Order.


An unremarkable man in appearance, Aldrych wears the trappings of the Bright Order or Bright Fraternity, a mystery-cult dedicated to uncovering the essence of "True Flame", a fire not elementally linked to either the Spheres of Earth or Sun. As almost all members of the Bright are mages able to conjure both of these spheres, it will surprise almost nobody versed in their arcane orders that he, too, is such a magic-user.

The Bright Order is not a religious cult, but they do like to keep their secrets. They vehemently deny being primordial-worshippers, insisting their interest is purely scholarly.


An Artificer of some ability, but not a foremost expert, Aldrych's artifice is a side-effect of his progression through up the Climbing Smoke of Knowledge, rather than a pursuit of true passion in and of itself.

He keeps a study, in a previously unoccupied house in Brandkirk. This serves for personal research most of the time, but is also an open workshop for artifice to members of the Vigil, or anyone else who travels by - not than any traveller would have much reason to seek out Aldrych over someone less remote and more famously skilled.

This study is cluttered, and always smells strongly - usually of something pleasant that has been burned to supplant the smell of something less pleasant that has been burned.

Aldrych will craft for the Vigil at the following prices:

Creation of a new Focus:[edit]

  • Enchanting a Tier 1 Martial focus from a mundane weapon
    • Any Spheres except Earth and Sun: 5 Shillings (cheaper than market, more expensive than self-craft. Why? Because enchanting weapons is odd to Aldrych.)
    • Earth or Sun Martial Foci will be 4 Shillings, "because while it's a pain, I need the practise"
  • Creation of a new Tier 1 Occult focus
    • 4 Shillings. (Exactly material and time cost)
  • Creation of a new Tier 1 Faith focus
    • Any Spheres except Earth and Sun: 4 Shillings, 5 pence. (Slight surcharge, as Faith tends to be 'trickier' in Aldrych's eyes.)
    • Earth or Sun Faith Foci will be 4 Shillings exactly, as Aldrych 'gets' them.
  • Creation of a new Tier 1 Destruction focus
    • 5 Shillings (Material and time cost, though role-play hard and you'll get a discount. Aldrych feels he needs more practise creating interesting Destruction foci.)

Upgrading of Foci:[edit]

  • Tier 2 and 3 upgrades, as well as Tier 4 Non-Rare upgrades to any existing Occult, Martial, or Faith foci
    • 2 Shillings. (Material & Time cost)
  • Tier 2 to 4 to any existing Destruction foci
    • 2 Shillings, 5 pence. (Material & Time cost)
  • Tier 4 Rare Upgrades to existing Faith, Occult, or Martial Foci
    • 3 Shillings. (This is the 'market' price, as most NPC crafters cannot create these. You're paying a premium for simply being able to get your hands on them!)
    • Rare Focus upgrades are Prima Vault on all Sphere Foci and Alchemical Alignment on Martial Foci.

Character Stats[edit]

Spellbook mainly for my own OC reference.

Race: Human (+2 Spirit) Archetype: Mage

Linears Played: 3

Exp: 0 (= 32/32)

Money: 0s6p (= 28.4/29)


Resistance: 0

Spirit: 5. Grace Period: 60 Seconds. Spellpower: 5.

Physique: 0 (3 hits per)

Gnosis: 2 (15 regen 2 with Prima Vault)

Gnosis Abilities

  • Destruction: 4
  • Source (Occult): 3
  • Spell Sphere Mastery (Sun): 1
  • Spell Sphere Mastery (Earth): 1


Artificer: 4

Items Currently all durability 11/12

  • Wand (Destruction Focus): Tier 3: Stupefying, Solar Alignment.
  • Sun Crystal (Occult Focus: Sun): Tier 2: Hastened.
  • Tome of the Bright (Occult Focus: Earth): Tier 4: Hastened, Returning, Prima Vault.