Tobias Rayke

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Tobias is an outspoken charlatan and often seen wandering the various markets and seedier establishments of Hochlant. When not working for the Vigil directly he seems to occupy himself with running cons, exorcisms of hostile entities or getting drunk. Sometimes all of the above.


Rakishly thin and perpetually bedraggled, this is a man for whom the finer things are a distant memory. Usually dressed in a practical longcoat of Heartland craft, his accent has dulled over many years of travel to little more than a twang. Whilst dressed like a vagrant he wears a large collection of talismans and trinkets around his neck, protective charms and eldritch insignia alike. Likewise much of his clothing bears some kind of warding scrawled or stitched into some element of it.

Character Stats[edit]

Race: Human (+2 Spirit)

Archetype: Wise

Linears Played: 4

Exp: 4

Exp spent/earned total: 23

Money: 4 shillings

Money spent/earned total: 8 shillings

(Playing a linear grants 5 exp and 3 shillings. Monstering a linear grants 1 exp.)


Resistance: 1

Spirit: 3. Grace Period: 50 Seconds. Spellpower: 3.

Physique: 0. Hits per location: 3.

Gnosis: 2

Gnosis Abilities

  • Destruction: 1
  • Source (Occult): 1
  • Spell Sphere Mastery (Warding): 5


  • Loremaster: 4 (Monsters, Undead, Fey, Demons, Elementals)
  • Traveller: (Ashamsi, Hochlant, Snjorland)
  • Medic 1
  • Knavery 1


  • Destruction Focus (wand) with Stupefying Charm. (11 remaining)
  • Warding Focus (A Battered Book) (12 remaining)