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Here is a list of the monster hunters of the Ardent Vigil. Player characters in Heart of Chaos are all affiliated with this organisation, though do not comprise the entirety of its membership. Details on these pages are considered common knowledge to other hunters in character, and is a good way to give information, or misinformation, on who your character is.

Player Characters

  • Brother Stephan Reichter of the Order of the Righteous Mind and Faithful of Parenfalx.

Retired or Dead Characters

Character Page Templates

These are examples for how to format your character's page. A character page should contain information on what other hunters will know about them, up to date records of their stats, and can be used to include details of services such as crafting which they provide to other players.

Notice how character pages do not open with the character name actually in the page; the wiki will put that in bold at the top of the page for you.